September 1, 2011

Replace book titles with bacon

^ That's one of the trending topics right now on Twitter. I'm not actually logged in at the moment, so thought I'd share some titles here.

The Bacon Games
Catching Bacon
The Lord of the Bacon
The Fellowship of the Bacon
The Two Bacons
Return of the Bacon
Fight Bacon
The Scarlet Bacon
How the Bacon Stole Christmas
Charlotte's Bacon
Memoirs of a Bacon
Trickster's Bacon
If Bacon Stay[s]
Where Bacon Went
The Lion, The Witch, and the Bacon
Prince Bacon
The Voyage of the Dawn Bacon
The Silver Bacon
The Horse and His Bacon
The Magician's Bacon
The Bacon Battle
Bridge to Terebaconia
The Bacon Bride

And by "some", I meant "a bunch".

OK, now your turn!

August 31, 2011

Swoon, Blogger, swoon.

Seriously, Blogger's new layout is really nice. Much cleaner-looking.

Anyways, today's the last day of Camp NaNo. I'm probably not gonna make it (close to 31K right now, soo...). But I don't feel like this month's been a loss because I got a lot of short stories written. They're just... really short. :) Plus I've been experimenting with style, which is always fun. Swinging in between third person and second person, and present and past tense. Still hate writing in first person.

I think a big part of it was that it didn't really feel like NaNo, so there wasn't really a big rush to write more than usual. So... yeah. Still planning on participating in November, and hopefully winning this time.

Finally, you guys should check this kid out. He has crazy talent.