November 4, 2010

Oh look, another person criticized NaNo. *Yawn*

Tonight's Late Night Clickable comes to you in two parts.

If you're like me and love NaNoWriMo, this first part will inspire wrath. But don't worry, the second part will inspire joy.

Here are the parts in summary:

Laura "Stuck On Her High Horse" Miller: NaNoWriMo is pointless and consumerist. Read novels, don't write them!

Carolyn "Voice of Reason" Clogg: You make as much sense as an elephant in a bikini. And a crabby elephant at that. These are the reasons you're being a wench... [epic post here].

October 31, 2010

The Night Before NaNo

It was the night before NaNo, and all through the cafes
Every writer was stirring, preparing for the next day

Every plotter had a plot line; every pantser had pants
Each one hoping to win, and then they would dance

The forums were hopping with all the new threads
While visions of purple bars danced in our heads

My friends and I with our costumes and pens*
Had just finished trick-or-treating again

Then I realized November was mere hours away!
I shouted, “Let’s go to a write-in! Right now, I say!”

We grabbed our computers and our drivers of flash
Tore down the streets in a frenzied dash

When what to our eyes should come into sight
But a small café, with people ready to write

They looked so nervous, but raring to go
I knew in a moment they must be Wrimos

We joined them inside and talked about plots
And how all this candy would make our teeth rot

More rapid than eagles, midnight it came
And on our computers, we wrote our first 1K

Then when our eyes could take no more
We shut it all down and left through the door

And for now, that's really all I can say
But Happy NaNo to all, and to all, 50K!


*Pencils are still better. :P

Yes, it's been done before. Yes, some of the rhymes aren't perfect. Yes, it's way shorter than the real Night Before Christmas. But it's just for fun. :)

Happy NaNoing, everybody!