June 9, 2011

Something about school.

...Wait, hold on a minute, you can put a location on these posts now?

*Fiddles with it*

Haha, yes. I am now located in Atlantis. I am now done being a child.


I somehow created the PERFECT STORM OF PROJECTS. Seriously. Episode 3 for Spacecano! is going to show next Thursday, so we're working on that right now. In Group Problem Solving, we have a group presentation also due next Thursday, and it has to be at least 40 minutes long. And in Piano, we have our midterm on Monday. So everybody's kind of practicing for that.

"The Perfect Storm, a small region in the Swan Nebula, 5500 light years" and that's where Google Images stopped being informative.
At least I got to coin the term "snowquake" in the process.

So yeah, it's pretty chaotic, but it's fun, too. It's nice to have all these things to do, y'know?

June 7, 2011

Some things I've been working on.

1) Patches and Pals (WT)

Tasia Henley is seven years old, has a brown eye and a hazel eye, but doesn’t have cancer. The doctors were worried about that because of the whole iris thing, especially when she started complaining that it was really hard to see. Turned out that she just needed glasses.

Actually, it’s her twin Shea who has cancer. Yes, that’s why she’s cross-eyed and has red eyes a lot. That’s also why her eye hurts so much so often. Everything makes a horrible kind of sense now. But Shea is really brave and strong, so Tasia keeps telling everybody that it’s going to be just fine. So stop worrying, ‘kay?

They’re going to do something called an enucleation, which is a fancy word that means when Shea wakes up, she’s only going to have one eye. But that’s OK because it means she gets a cool eye patch, so she might as well be a pirate. And pirates are just so cool, right? Right.

“When you get your pirate ship, I can be first mate, right?” Tasia and Shea’s drawings of their pirate adventures litter the hospital bed.

Shea gives Tasia a pointed look. “Duh. You’re my sister. It’s the rules.” She grabs a red crayon and scribbles in the ship.

2) To Carmen, from Waldo

Where in the world could you be?
Oh I wish there was some way you could see
That you don't need to steal the world
When adventure's all you need
So take my hand and disappear with me*

*Yes, this is about Where's Waldo and Carmen Sandiego. They would be an amazing couple. Search your heart. You know it to be true.

3) Blue Court Revolution (WT)

There was something sort of light and blue flickering in the darkness when he returned. "That was kind of rude, Evan. I was trying to tell you something, and you just ran off." The blue, light thing shifted a little.

Evan squinted. "Oh geez, is that you again?" He half expected her to tell him that the universe was in danger, and he was the only one who could save it. "Why are you blue? I thought we were twins."

"You can see me now? Awesome." The Cora-shape shifted in a way that suggested a sort of strange dance. "And I'm not blue. I'm just wearing Blue Court regalia, but you wouldn't remember that."