March 26, 2014

Characters and world-building

I recently finished reading Brave New World. It's certainly a good book, and I think the ideas it presents are well worth discussing, and the world-building is rich and interesting.


I'll admit to being really disappointed by the characters. They're static, and though initially likable in most cases, became incredibly irritating by the end of the novel. They don't seem to change at all, which is frustrating, because once in a while they would seem to make progress, but then go right back to how they used to be.

(I think the ONE exception of this is John, except not really. I mean, look what happens to him in the end.)

World-building is important. But people don't relate to settings. They relate to people.


March 24, 2014

3/24/14 Prompts


"But it feels good to love a thing and not expect anything back. It feels good to not get an argument or any pushiness or any rumors or any bullshit. It's love without strings. It's ideal." - Ask the Passengers, AS King