February 8, 2012

Something different

I've been having trouble writing recently, and I'm not really sure why. Stress, probably. SO I figured my routine could use a little shaking up.

In our high school drama and screenwriting class, our teacher started us out writing scenes that were completely silent. Then we built up to one word, then two words, then we could use all the words we felt were necessary. That, in essence, is what I'm going to be trying. Except it'll look a little more like this:

-50 words
-100 words
-500 words
-1000 words
-2000 words
-5000 words
-10,000 words

It'll be a good exercise, especially with the first three.

I've got the 50-word story done and with that... it is only with great embarrassment that I'm telling you I have a Tumblr. I swear I'm not a hipster. I got it and wasn't really sure what I would do with it for a while, but... well, now I do. Plus now I'm finding tons more writer blogs. So. If you're on there, give me a shout. :)