March 25, 2011

Friday Fragments

Wow, it's already Friday. It appears the timey-wimey-rollercoaster that comes after spring break has set in. (Timey-Wimey-Rollercoaster: Time appears to accelerate and weeks pass before you realize it.)

1) Don't know how I missed this last week, but they cast Katniss in The Hunger Games adaption. I was kind of rooting for this unknown actress on YouTube, but if they say she's good, then I'll trust their decision. Now I guess they're focusing on Peeta.

2) I became Facebook-popular this week with this music video I've been working on to Owl City's "If My Heart Was A House". Two weeks with Paintbrush and Windows Movie Maker. And it's not finished yet.

3) If you're like me, you might occasionally wonder what kinds of delightful stories JK Rowling is cooking up these days. College Humor has an answer.

4) A conversation from Wednesday:
Nurse: So what's your major?
Me: Creative Writing.
Nurse: Oh my gosh, WHY? What can you do with that?
Me: *Stunned laughter*
True story. Have to give her credit for being honest.

Well, have a great weekend, everybody!

March 23, 2011

The Hundred Theme Challenge!

When I was a wee thing, only 16 years old (this is a joke), I stumbled across something called the Hundred Theme Challenge. Thought it looked cool. Never saved the prompts. Lost track of the website forever.

AND THEN I FOUND IT. HERE. Two years ago. I've tried to make a story of the hundred themes twice now. Both attempts failed miserably.

The rules are to write a story or create some kind of art with each of these themes. If you want to try it, well, go for it. And here are the themes I'm using.

  1. Beginnings
  2. Middles
  3. Ends
  4. Insides
  5. Outsides
  6. Hours
  7. Days
  8. Weeks
  9. Months
  10. Years
  11. Red
  12. Orange
  13. Yellow
  14. Green
  15. Blue
  16. Purple
  17. Brown
  18. Black
  19. White
  20. Colourless
  21. Friends
  22. Enemies
  23. Lovers
  24. Family
  25. Strangers
  26. Teammates
  27. Parents
  28. Children
  29. Birth
  30. Death
  31. Sunrise
  32. Sunset
  33. Too Much
  34. Not Enough
  35. Sixth Sense
  36. Smell
  37. Sound
  38. Touch
  39. Taste
  40. Sight
  41. Shapes
  42. Triangle
  43. Square
  44. Circle
  45. Moon
  46. Star
  47. Heart
  48. Diamond
  49. Club
  50. Spade
  51. Water
  52. Fire
  53. Earth
  54. Air
  55. Spirit
  56. Breakfast
  57. Lunch
  58. Dinner
  59. Food
  60. Drink
  61. Winter
  62. Spring
  63. Summer
  64. Fall
  65. Passing
  66. Rain
  67. Snow
  68. Lightning
  69. Thunder
  70. Storm
  71. Broken
  72. Fixed
  73. Light
  74. Dark
  75. Shade
  76. Who?
  77. What?
  78. Where?
  79. When?
  80. Why?
  81. How?
  82. If
  83. And
  84. He
  85. She
  86. Choices
  87. Life
  88. School
  89. Work
  90. Home
  91. Birthday
  92. Christmas
  93. Thanksgiving
  94. Independence
  95. New Year
  96. Writer's Choice
  97. Writer's Choice
  98. Writer's Choice
  99. Writer's Choice
  100. Writer's Choice
Isn't it glorious?

March 21, 2011

Plotting for NaNoWriMo. Yes, already.

I don't mess around when it comes to plotting for NaNo. It's pretty much how I spend a good portion of the year.

March- May: Figuring out ideas and characters.
June- July: Deciding on an idea and working on fleshing out characters.
July-October: Plotting the entire story, beginning to end.
November: Obvious...

So these are the ideas I have for NaNo this year. So far. :D

  • Step in Time to My Heart (WT, albeit one that makes me laugh): Exactly what it sounds like. It's a love story about band geeks. Yay band geeks!
  • Sim Saves the Galaxy: A rewrite of NaNo '08, The Wonderful World of Imminent Doom. It's a story about this interplanetary war in a made-up galaxy called Tsu-Min. It's kind of worth the rewrite for this one line: "It's time to save the planet!"
  • Key to Hadley's Soul (WT): It like an AU version of our world where people are born with these things called "soul keys" that change in appearance as the person grows. Then one of the MCs, Hadley, loses his key and he starts to forget who he is. (I like this one.)
  • Level Up: A superhero story! It's about a college kid named Molly who has super strength and invisibility. Then she meets her arch nemesis who has no name yet, but he has a vast array of mind-related powers. (I like this one, too.)
  • Battlefield Suburbia (WT): It's about an angel/demon war. In the suburbs. (And this one, as well.)
  • Forever Saturday: Based on a lyric in an Eleventyseven song. "Every single day was a Saturday." Then I just thought, OH MAN! What if time just STOPPED and every day WAS a Saturday?! That would be crazy.
But yeah.

So, anyone weird like me and start planning for November insanely early?