October 7, 2010

Since it's been four days...

Sorry, this week has been trying to kill me. School... my dad was in the hospital for a couple days (nothing serious)... that sorta thing... then my phone is being stupid... *sigh* Anyway, here's something that never fails to make me laugh. Enjoy.

And something old from college and career. :)

October 3, 2010

Third time's a charm?

Hey there. Blog's been quiet. GothNo is going... pretty well. I'm trying to focus a little bit more on my story for Fiction Workshop right now because it's due in a few weeks. I think I finally have a good story. It was inspired by this quiz called "What are the Keys to Your Heart?" or something like that. Right now, the title is "Key to Nat's Soul". It's verging on magical realism. Fun stuff. :) Here's the boring first part that hasn't been edited at all.


Zeke and Siobhan Grey gave their daughter the key to her soul when she was twelve years old, like most parents. Maggie Grey already knew she had one because everybody did. She had also heard all the stories that surrounded the things. Those were mainly cautionary tales about gremlins who sneaked in at night and stole the key, leaving the victim soulless. She also knew that her parents wore each other’s keys around their necks, but she couldn’t fathom why. Every time she asked, they would just say, “You’ll understand when you’re older,” and send her off.

For the first couple years, she kept the key hidden in the wintery socks she never wore. When she was a little older and moths started eating the wintery socks, she tied it around her wrist because that’s what all the kids in ninth grade did with them. It was best that she did anyway. Kids who didn’t were labeled as soulless and shunned.


I think the idea is kinda neat, even if it isn't completely original. It's fun. Hope you weren't completely bored by it.