June 12, 2011

Sunday Scraps

What do you mean this is late? It's just not on time.

This is pretty video-heavy, even for me.

1) I kind of want to read this.

2) So Friday night, my friend Kirstin gathered us to her house to watch this masterpiece:

It was so bad, it was good. Innuendo like you wouldn't expect from the 1950s. Plus it's just... yeeeeah. Half the characters have seizures at some point in the movie. XD What you have to do is get a group together and make the ever-loving fun out of it.

3) Just kinda stumbled across this website/animation called Ana Somnia. It's really interesting because every time you replay it, there's a different animation, but it's really freaky and trippy.

Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend!