January 10, 2011

48 days until spring break!

First day back, and I'm already counting down. Though in my defense, counting down helps the semester pass more quickly.

This semester I'm taking 16 credits again, just so my last semester (EVER! AHAHAHAHA) will be easier. It's also the first semester I've ever not had an English class. So that's weird. But anyway, this semester consists of:

  • Human Communication Theory- had this today, and it seems like it'll be really cool. The teacher said if we missed class, then he and the TA would hunt us down, and then asked the TA to show us their gun. So that was hilarious. It also only lasts 50 minutes, and there are like, 140 students in the class. I'm not even exaggerating. We have a whole lecture hall, and it was almost packed.
  • Environment, Technology, and Values- had this today, too, and it doesn't seem too bad. Had to take an Area 7 class to graduate, otherwise I probably wouldn't take it.
  • Intro to Media and Telecommunications- I'm really excited for this one because it's in the Chemistry building, and I've never been in there. Plus my cousin is in this class, so that'll be cool.
  • Interpersonal Communication- the book makes this look interesting.
  • Psych Perspectives on Gender- Kirstin had to take an Area 3, and we usually take a class together every other semester. So yeah. It sounds really easy.
Meanwhile, I'm going to be working on a one act play for the New Play Project. The NPP is this class Western has every year during Summer I, and it's kind of a collaboration between the Creative Writing and the Theater students. Basically, we write the plays (and by "we", I mean the lucky students who get accepted), and the Theater students perform them. *Thumbs up*

So that's what's new! :)