April 15, 2011

Friday Fragments - We're All Winners Edition

I got the website wrong yesterday. It's not random.com, it's random.org. WELL. After doing magical things, we have a winner for the book giveaway. First, thanks to everybody who entered. It was a lot of fun reading your comments (although I'm way too scared of that post to reply to them all individually, sorry).

Without further ado.

Can I get a drum-roll?

Thank you. And the winner is... Sarah Reads Too Much! I'll be sending you an email by the end of the day, but if I don't hear back by Monday, I'm just going to assume you don't want the book anymore and choose another winner.

In other news. Allow me to fill the rest of this post with awesome YouTube videos and delay the very special episode until tomorrow.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

April 14, 2011

Autism Awareness Giveaway

Just a quick reminder in doodle form. Cuz you all know how I'm pretty much smitten with doodles.

Oh yes.

April 13, 2011

Oh my WOW, people.

I am now intimidated by the number of comments on Monday's post. It's kind of amazing how many kind of obscure lines got thrown out there.

Just to clarify. The post/contest will be closed to comments at 11:59 EST tomorrow night AKA 4/14. Or whenever Doctor Who finishes on PBS/WGVU. (Oh yes.)

Friday's going to be a Very Special Episode Post. So today, you get whatever the heck this is (just for reference, this was written in a cootie catcher). Because sometimes it's fun to do things a little differently.

"Hey, 3:15 Guy."
"That's what I call you in my head. 3:15 Guy. Cuz you always come here at 3:15."
"Oh." Beat. "My name's Rory."
"Mine's Kaleigh."
"Can I have a root beer float?"
"Oh. Yeah!"

[Insert picture of Rory and Kaleigh here. Actually, you know what?]
Good enough.
   That's a good word for this.

Not Enough
"So... you haven't been around lately."
"Yeah, just don't have much time."
"...Usual?" Read: Missed you.
"Yep." Read: You too.

"I need to ask you something."
"Do you like..."
"...Root beer floats?" This is code for someone.
"Do you?"
"...Well, isn't it obvious?"


Yeah, it's kind of open-ended, but it was fun trying to fit in a story on a cootie catcher.

So challenge! If you would like to. Try to write a story in a format other than the typical "Someone said, 'Dialogue,' and then there was prose." fashion. If you do it, just tell me, and I will give you a doodly-type avatar thing.

April 11, 2011

Autism Awareness Book Giveaway- Closed!

This is my sister Laura.

Stetsons are cool.
This is my sister Laura being hilarious.

My family found out Laura had autism when she was about two years old. She's doing pretty well now, well enough that we think she'll be able to move into a group home eventually. But she's the reason I'm participating in this.

So the book in question is a Book of Legend.

Oh yes.




Bask in its glory, kids.

Bask in its glory.

In all seriousness, though. If you want this book, then all you have to do is reply to this post (as in the one I'm writing/you're reading at the moment) with answers to the following:

1) Are you doing anything for Autism Awareness Month?

2) Are you following this blog?

3) How many lines from The Princess Bride can you think of by yourself? As in: no internet involved. No friends. No family. Just you, soldier.

OK. Go!

EDIT: OH MY GOSH I was in such a rush to get this posted because of this project thing that I totally forgot about autism information. I fail forever. But here it is now.

Autism affects 1 of out 110 children now (it was 1 in 125 two years ago, FYI), and there are four times more boys with autism than girls. It's a spectrum disorder, which basically means that it ranges in severity (you have low-functioning, high-functioning, then everybody in between). There's no cure and nobody is sure what causes it - by the way! If you hear anybody tell you that they've found the thing that causes autism, it's probably not true. Because in all likelihood, it's a combination of biological and environmental factors.

You can find more information here.

Autism Society
Autism Speaks
Autism Research Institute

You can also find the other blogs involved in this week's giveaway here. Thanks everyone who's commented already and so sorry for the info delay!